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Zest Bootcamp Outdoor Exercise Class
Zest Bootcamp in Bath

Zest Bootcamp was delighted to win the best Fitness Business in the 2015 Bath Independent Business Awards.

Zita, a highly experienced personal trainer, set up Bath Bootcamp (now called Zest Bootcamp), Bath’s first outdoor group fitness classes, in 2009 to help people just like you to exercise in a fun and friendly “Boot camp” group setting. You will be guided through the workouts to ensure you reach your goals in a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment (no shouting or bullying).  No matter what age, medical history, previous fitness experience or current state of health, everyone is capable of doing something to improve their fitness and feel great – go here to BOOK NOW

Zest Bootcamp was shortlisted in the Health & Beauty Category of the 2011 BATH LIFE AWARDS where they were “Highly Commended: for their inspirational approach and techniques”. You can watch Zita explaining what Zest Bootcamp is all about in the video below.


Zita Alves creator of Zest Bootcamp
Zita Alves

As an overweight, asthmatic, non-exercising 28 year old, a career change from Marketing agency to Personal Trainer was not the obvious one, but 18 years later Zita knows she found her passion.

Since completing her Fitness Training & Sports Therapy Diploma in 1998 Zita has worked in several gyms and privately doing personal training with a variety of clients, including celebrities such as French Actress Juliette Binoche during the filming of “Chocolat”, as well as continuing her education through an array of courses over that time. In 2010 Zita launched her own piece of fitness equipment, the Ztrainer that is used in class for strength training. In 2015 Zita became the weekly Health & Fitness columnist in The Bath Weekend Magazine and also won Healthy Business of the Year at the Women’s Business Club national Maximise awards. In 2016 Zita won “Product of the Year” award for her Total Body Shape Up Plan at Maximise.


Zita’s Fitness Column in Bath Weekend Magazine


If you are thinking of coming to Zest bootcamp, you should stop thinking and just do it.  Whatever your age, size, shape or fitness level – you won’t regret it.

Zest is not about being yelled at by military types in fatigues – Zita will push and encourage you but never bully, shout or belittle.  Neither is it about being bored to tears or daydreaming as you spend 20 minutes on a machine in a sweaty gym getting through your programme.  At Zest bootcamp no two sessions are the same and there’s lots of variety within each session – it could be bodyweight, boxing or equipment but never boring.

If you follow the clean eating advice you will not only lose weight but feel so much healthier (even if you cheat a bit!).

Exercising outdoors is proven to be better for you but when that ‘outdoors’ is Alexandra Park with its fabulous views over Bath it really lifts the spirits.

5 years ago I joined bootcamp for one month just to give it a go and one month turned into 50! 

So be warned: you’ll get fit; it’s friendly; it’s fun – but it can be addictive!

Teresa Batten, Age 62