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Zest Bootcamp OUTDOOR FITNESS CLASSES run in Alexandra Park (Bear Flat, Bath) at either 6.30am or 9.15am so if you’d like to get into great shape – physically and mentally – why not join us for a trial week?

We would love to invite you to join us for a taster week at our 45 minute feel good fitness classes that run at every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To access your trial week for just £15, complete your name and email in the box, and we will be in touch to welcome you into our supportive COMMUNITY where you will get expert guidance and coaching in a FEEL GOOD FUN environment that is delivered either outdoors or online. 

Zest Bootcamp Outdoors

Group outdoor classes every

  • Monday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

at 6.30am and 9.15am


We’d love to offer you a trial week to make sure we are a good fit before you join for the month. 

We also offer a twice a week option after you have completed your trial week if 3 times a week is too much.

Why join us?

Healthy Life

If you’re someone who keeps making excuses not to exercise, then the structure of set times and days to attend our classes helps alleviate that. We have helped women just like you to enjoy making exercise a regular habit.

Stay Fit

If you’re concerned about your health and fitness deteriorating, we will help you get into a routine of regular exercise that will have a huge benefit to your mental and physical wellbeing. It’s never too late to start feeling full of energy, strong and active.

Balanced Body

 If you’ve been desperate to get back your va va voom and feel great then we are excited to help you on that journey with workouts that include strength, core, aerobic fitness and mobility. Many of our members are over 50 so we understand how to support you on your fitness journey.


If you’d like to make new friends, who you can connect with outside of classes during Zest social events and other activities, we know you will love our friendly community of “Zesties”. 

About Zita

Zita was a former couch potato who has changed her life… that’s why she is super passionate about helping more people to discover the benefits of being fit and healthy.

Aged 53, she knows how hard it can be to make exercise a regular part of your life, and she wants to help more people to make it an important part of their lifestyle.

In her late 20’s Zita made a career change from an overweight, asthmatic, non-exercising, stressed out marketing executive to become a personal trainer and hasn’t looked back. She has worked with hundreds of people over the last 20 + years through 1-1 personal training, group classes at Zest Bootcamp, online and via retreats in the UK and abroad.

Zita created her own fitness equipment, the Ztrainer, in 2010 as well as cookbooks and for several years Zita wrote a weekly feature in the Bath Weekend Magazine that comes with the Bath Chronicle. She has also been on the judging panel of the Nourish Awards that celebrate healthy and innovative “free from” food and drinks in the UK, as well as a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution ambassador.

In 2011 Zest Bootcamp, which Zita set up in Bath in 2009, was highly commended at The prestigious Bath Life Awards, and 2015 Zita won the Independent Business Award for best fitness business in Bath.

Get in touch in touch if you have anymore questions. The best way to start your active lifestyle is to book a trial week.

Zita x

Do you have any Questions?

Give us a call on 07970 988128

PS If you didn’t know I used to be an overweight, non-exercising asthmatic so believe me when I tell you that healthy living really is the best thing you can do for your mental and physical wellbeing. Click here to book a trial week at our friendly and fun fitness classes

* Although the word bootcamp can bring images of beasting and endless burpees – we actually don’t operate like that at Zest which is why if you watch the Bath Life Awards video you’ll hear me describe it as group personal training style class. Many of our members have been coming for years so they get coached on exactly what they need.