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Why should mums exercise

You deserve time to exercise!

Mums we salute you!

To all the mums out there who make time to exercise – we salute you!

Being a role model to the younger generation is just one of the reasons to make regular exercise as important as going to the supermarket to feed your family.

Looking after your health is the best way to serve others and if you do have kids, one day in the future it might be nice for them to know that you won’t be the old lady who falls over and ends up in hospital … because instead you are the active older person who has build strong bones, muscles, improved your balance, mobility and built a strong heart so that you aren’t a burden to those around you.

I hope this inspires you to think of reasons other than “weight loss” as a reason to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

This photo was from last week at an early 6.30am group outdoor exercise class that we run in Bath at Zest Bootcamp – that time of day is the only chance many of the busy working mums get to exercise so maybe this will inspire you to get up early and move your body as a great way to start the day.

Happy new week everyone 

Zita x

Outdoor exercise helps mental and physical wellbeing! 

PS If you didn’t know I used to be an overweight, non-exercising asthmatic so believe me when I tell you that healthy living really is the best thing you can do for your mental and physical wellbeing. Click here to book a trial week at our friendly and fun fitness classes

* Although the word bootcamp can bring images of beasting and endless burpees – we actually don’t operate like that at Zest which is why if you watch the Bath Life Awards video you’ll hear me describe it as group personal training style class. Many of our members have been coming for years so they get coached on exactly what they need.