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Bath Carnival

So on a wet Tuesday evening there I was surrounded by dancing girls with huge headdresses, glitter facepainting and lots of lovely people interested in supporting the 2017 Bath Carnival which is happening on 15 July.

Hunter and Sons in Milsom Street offered their place for us all to meet and find out more about we could help as local business people and also individuals. House of Bendy did the fab Facepainting and the team from Super Pirates are working very closely to support the carnival as well as many other Bath based businesses as the event is a huge undertaking.

The carnival is a non-profit organisation and can only happen with the help of local people by volunteers, venues and especially just spreading the word.

Local businesses can sponsor the event so if you know anyone who might be interested let them know.

Zest Bootcamp is going to help by doing a special charity bootcamp class that is open to anyone over the age of 18 and all proceeds will go to the Bath Carnival.

They also need “in kind” support as well people to marshall the procession and loads more.

If you’d like to find out more or register for our special charity bootcamp in  Bath on 10 June please click here.

And to find out more about the Bath Carnival click here 

Role models

As it’s almost Father’s Day I thought I’d talk about role models this time.

I was touched by one of my 1-1 personal training clients recently telling me that his son was dreading the running athletics races at school as he thought he wouldn’t be any good. What I loved was to then hear how by spending some time with his son and “coaching” him the end result was that he won all of the running! My client is an extremely busy person with a huge amount of responsibility but that quality time he spent with his son really counted. Never underestimate the power you have as coaches, educators and role models to your children.

When children see you drinking water, eating all the vegetables on your plate and moving your body every day you are inspiring them to a healthier future.

My client is naturally being a great role model to his 2 children by having the healthy habits as part of his life and he is going to be 40 in a few years, yet he is the fittest and strongest he has ever been.

I was also touched to hear my husband thank me for being his inspiration. He was infact one of my first personal training clients many years ago and although I no longer “train” him he does appreciate the benefits of healthy living and will even make himself a green smoothie now  – result!

See how we can all help each other be the best versions of ourselves.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 09.21.16

A good coach is able to actually get someone to do what they know they need to do but they just aren’t doing it.

Decision without taking action = zero results.

Keeping it simple and just taking action is the ONLY way to get results and if you don’t know how to do something and need help, then find the right person to help you learn, e.g. a personal trainer. For some people it’s the people they surround themselves with that makes a difference so if you are a women who doesn’t want to be surrounded by men with huge muscles and lots of testosterone then a commercial gym may not be the best place for you to exercise.

That’s exactly why I set up Zest Bootcamp 7 years ago – to create a supportive environment for women just like you to enjoy exercise. Our next trial week starts on Monday 20th June so if you are fed up of not feeling your best and struggling to take action then I encourage you to press just complete your name and email on the website and the rest will magically happen (kind of).

If not now when?

Here are 2 exercises that fit in perfectly with my clients sons athletics and they are high knee sprints and seated sprints. Many people don’t realise the importance of the arms in sprinting so seated sprints is a great drill to improve them and also a great way to “sprint” if you have lower body injuries. Infact, many people who didn’t crawl much before they learnt to walk as toddlers have trouble with the movement pattern of the arms – opposite arm and leg moves together.


High Knee Sprints
Zita showing High Knee Sprints


Any kind of sprinting is fantastic for fat burning and the key with these is to not only use your glutes (squeeze you bum) but also to use your arms for power. Visualise Usain Bolt or any sprinter and think of the muscles in their arms – us your upper body but don’t just do some bicep curls use your whole shoulder joint and bring the opposite arm forward to the knee that is coming up. Sprint as hard as you can using your whole body and you will torch calories.

(If you have an injury and can’t do the sprints you can do a seated version by sitting as shown on the floor, chest up, tummy in and just use the arm and shoulder part of the movement, as fast as you can – it’s much harder than it looks)


Seated Sprints
Seated Sprints

Start with 20 secs work then rest for 20 secs rest and repeat or alternate with another exercise and do 8 or more sets if you can 🙂


Zita x

ps If you are still not convinced about whether our classes would be good for you have a look at some of the photos and videos on our Facebook page here