Kay has dropped 2 dress sizes and improved her health massively since joining Zest Bootcamp


“Get your body to Bootcamp asap! I used to be quite a fit and energetic person …. so I was horrified when I realised that 8 months after relocating to Bath, I still had not settled into a regular exercise routine – and it was beginning to show! Amazing how quickly that happens when you are over 40!


Bootcamp seemed the best answer to jump start my fitness again – a dedicated 3 mornings a week for a month. I was nervous as I suspected (rightly so) that my lack of fitness and technique would show …. But Zita’s patience, support and gentle but firm encouragement meant that I finished every session feeling great! Yep, a few achey muscles the next day but that meant that I was working hard – well, that’s what makes it worthwhile, right? that my technique was correct (Zita keeps a beady eye on making sure of that to ensure maximum benefit) and that I was burning fat – result!!

If you are looking for an effective exercise session with a professional personable trainer and with a great bunch of Bath locals who work hard and laugh often, then get your booty down to Zest Bootcamp. You’ll be so glad you did.”

Robyn Hatley, Age 43, Business woman and mother of 2

Lucy comes to Zest bootcamp because “Instructors are really good & give you that extra push to get the most out of your exercise, the atmosphere & group interaction is great & I love the variety of exercises” Does your gym do this for you?

“I joined Zest Bootcamp feeling a bit apprehensive, as I hadn’t really exercised properly in about 5 years. Zita and the rest of the bootcampers (of all ages) were very welcoming and I was immediately at ease. Every session is different and very hard work, but lots of fun and a brilliant overall workout. After the 1st 4 weeks of bootcamp, including following the diet plan, I had lost 1 stone and was thrilled! I felt healthier and more energetic than I had done in years. Getting up at 5.30am took a bit of getting used to, especially when it was cold and rainy, but I really looked forward to every session. It’s such a great feeling when you are heading home after your workout and everyone else is only just getting out of bed! I really feel that after years of not looking after myself, I am finally getting back on track thanks to the encouragement of Zita.”

Anne O”Connor – June 2012


“I was originally introduced to Boot camp by a friend who popped into my office and she looked amazing. This really inspired me to have a go myself.

I was dreading going along to Boot camp thinking that I would be totally intimidated as I was so overweight and had not done any real exercise for about 20 years. I can’t pretend I didn’t find it tough at first in fact I could hardly move for the first week! I immediately followed the clean eating plan and over the following weeks got great results both with weight loss and improved fitness.  I have lost 2 stone and 26 inches in just over 4 months. All my family and friends are now inspired by me! In fact one of my friends is now a boot camper herself.

I would recommend anyone to try it if I could do it anyone could do it and get results. The team leaders are great and the feeling of wellbeing soon shines through. I appreciate its all down to the person but this regime really worked well for me.

Thank you Zita”

JULIE ILIC, age 53 – Summer 2011

“Thanks for all your support…I can’t believe it but I weighed myself this morning and have gone from 14 st 10lbs to 13 st 11lbs after just 1 bootcamp, all but a stone!

I am over the moon, and I didn’t expect it as had fallen of the wagon a bit with the nutrition this week! I knew I had lost weight as had gone down from size 18 to 16 by the 3rd week and as you know I had to sell all my size 18 dresses on e-bay so I could buy some smaller clothes! I also had to go underwear shopping as had gone down a back size but my scales had run out of battery so wasn’t sure how much I had lost till now! Not only that but for some reason I haven’t found it that hard to stay motivated and stick to the nutrition advice, I usually end up giving up by the 1st week with anything else I have tried! Its like bootcamp is a kind of magic formula that has just worked for me! I am so confident that I can lose the weight now after years of trying and failing that we have finally booked our wedding! We have been together now for 7 years and engaged for 4 but I never pushed for a wedding as didn’t want to be a big bride..at least now I can get married before I need a facelift!”

CLAIRE WRIGHT January 2011