What You Get

“The word “Bootcamp” had me worried that it would involve lots of shouting and press-ups, but it couldn’t have been more different. It was an absolutely fantastic way to get fit, burn fat and tone up.” Sam, THE BATH MAGAZINE, June 2010

Zita explains what Bath’s Original Outdoor Group Exercise programme is all about in this video

When you sign up for a 4 week Zest Bootcamp we can offer you many things, no matter what your age or current level of fitness.

    • You will get 45 minutes of outdoor*, fat burning and fitness 3 times a week with a supportive group of people.
    • You will lose inches as your body fat melts away and your muscles become toned and strong.
    • You will feel fitter, more flexible, alive and energetic.
    • You will receive excellent coaching from our personal trainers to ensure you are safe and working to YOUR maximum capability at all times.
    • You will use a variety of equipment such as boxing gloves/pads, the Ztrainer suspension training system, battling ropes and much more to ensure you get the best metabolic boosting workouts possible
    • You will be given access to our exclusive E.L.E.M.E.N.T.A.L system that includes our cutting edge nutritional programme
    • You will have access to our private members only website plus other bonuses that will be revealed over the 4 weeks
    • You will be guaranteed to drop a clothes size in 28 days if you follow our system or your Moneyback (no questions asked)
Boxing workout at Zest Bootcamp
Fitness boxing at Zest Bootcamp in Bath

Spaces for our classes (which are mostly held in the beautiful Alexandra Park* in Bath) are limited so why not book your TRIAL WEEK now.

Hear what Alison says about Zest Bootcamp – she has been coming for 4 years despite not really sure if it was for here at the start…

Zest Bootcamp Outdoor Fitness Classes in Bath

* during the winter we occasionally use an indoor venue for some of our early morning classes

We are so confident that if you come to every class, put 100% effort in and follow the nutritional programme you WILL achieve fantastic results. If for any reason you do this and are not happy with the results we will refund your camp fee – DOES YOUR GYM OFFER THIS?