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8 year anniversary

Time flies when you are having fun!

This is very true when it comes to Zest Bootcamp – this month is our 8th year anniversary  – whoop whoop… did someone say cake!

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 15.45.04

In my previous career I was actually nicknamed the cake monster  – no wonder I was several clothes sizes bigger!

When I set up Bath Bootcamp (as it was originally called) back in 2009 I had no idea if it would be a success as I had only ever done 1-1 training and I wasn’t that familiar with outdoor exercise but what  has fuelled me over the last 8 years is my PASSION to help more people to feel great.


It hasn’t always been an easy ride and we have gone through a variety of changes which included expanding to other areas including Marshfield and Peasedown St John, but I decided that I wanted to focus just on Bath so that’s what we’ve been doing for the last few years. Ironically I rebranded to Zest before I decided to just focus on Bath but I think the word suits us – full of energy and vitality!

Even the bootcamp van has gone through a few changes, from Bath Bootcamp, then Zest Bootcamp and then the logos came off as I was going to sell it but I didn’t in the end so all the logos are back on!

Zest Bootcamp van

Getting up in the early hours, especially in the dark, cold winter can be a challenge but it is because I absolutely LOVE what I do that it is never a problem (think it’s worse for my “night owl” husband).

What really makes me happy are the fantastic members we have at Zest Bootcamp, many of who have been coming for several years, one lady has been with us for 6 years and she previously did no exercise at all.

Friendships, fresh-air, fitness and fun is exactly how I’d sum up what we offer.


I often get asked why I don’t change the name to something less “scary” sounding as the word bootcamp generally conjures up an image of a drill sergeant shouting at you do do more press ups in the mud.

What we offer is more like group personal training but the reason I have kept the word bootcamp is to demonstrate that we mean business – you come 3 times a week for a month and work hard for 45 minutes.

Everyone is so busy these days that I want people to get the most of their sessions so I have ways of making sure the fitter members are working to their maximum alongside newer members who often need more help and also a less intense workout to start with.


What is evident as much now as in the past is the friendly, supportive atmosphere created by all the members and it is often as much about the atmosphere they create as much as the energy and vitality I ensure I bring to classes. We have social events together and I know that many people have made good friends through coming to bootcamp and also several business connections which is a great by product. We have done charity workouts, pumpkin workouts and loads more fun whilst always focusing on the fitness. You can see photos of some of what we get up to on my Instagram page here.

Lebanese cooking event

It’s great to witness the support that the “old timers” give the new people as they all remember being there themselves – the achey legs that mean you have to think twice about whether you really need to go upstairs to get something (as you ache a lot!) we’ve all been there. I also love to see how after just a few weeks the new members already notice an improvement in their ability and once they pick up the boxing technique they are on fire!

For anyone who has only just heard about us here are some of the awards I’ve received since starting Zest Bootcamp …

In 2011 Zest Bootcamp was highly commended at the prestigious Bath Life Awards.

In 2015 Zita won the Independent Business Award for best fitness business in Bath and also the Women’s Business Club “Healthy Business of the year” at the Maximise awards.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 08.55.17

2016 saw Zita as a finalist in the Muddy Stiletto awards for best Fitness Instructor in Somerset and in the same year she won “Product of the year” at Maximise event for the Total Body Shape Up Plan.


So as we head into our 9th year I’m excited to help more people, I’m expanding my fitness repertoire by taking a fitness yoga qualification to add a different dimension to some of the classes and certainly with my 1-1 classes.

In summary I’d like to share my gratitude for the opportunity I have had to create a family of healthy, fit, happy men and women and spread my passion.

THANK YOU to those of you who have contributed in any way at all, and here’s to many more years of the same.

Zita x

ps Although since we started many other bootcamps have come (and many have gone) I am proud to say that we will always be Bath’s original outdoor bootcamp and hopefully the best 🙂 If you have never been and are curious to find out whether you’d like to be part of the fitness fun then come for a trial week – it’s only £10 for 3 sessions. Our next trial week starts January 30th and then after that it will be February 27th – all you need to do is complete your name and email on the home page HERE to start the ball rolling to the best version of you… if not now, when?




Never too late to start a fitness programme

So we did our Special charity bootcamp class yesterday in Bath and raised over £100 for Cancer Research which is great. It was a beautiful crisp morning with a lovely sunrise that seemed to turn into fog later in the day so we were very lucky.


I put together a challenging (but not super tough) bodyweight workout as I knew that after a few weeks off people would find it harder than normal, plus we had a new person join the class.  Most people found it a 9/10 in terms of how hard it was so I guess they may be aching a bit today. The great thing is that they got a little kickstart before we start back at bootcamp properly next week.


It seems most people have had enough of the eating and drinking and not knowing what day of the week it is, and are ready to get back into the routine again.

Zest Bootcamp will be 8 years old in January and I’m proud to say that we have helped hundreds of people over those years to feel healthier and fitter and I’m excited to help even more people in 2017. All ages and abilities are welcome and at one of our classes the average age is 54 so if you are over 50 please don’t be put off thinking that bootcamp is only for the under 40’s, infact my passion is to help more women over 40, and especially 50, feel better by getting into regular exercise and eating well.

Only yesterday I had a call from an ex 1-1 personal training client ( in her 50s) who had tried to carry on her own fitness at the gym for the last 5 years but has noticed she isn’t doing as much as she should and age is catching up with her so I’m going to start working with her again to help her feel great.

So if you have never been to one of our classes and would like to come for a trial then why not book a place at one of our 45 minute classes that run at either 6.30am, 9.30am or 6.15pm in Bath. We are starting on Tuesday 3rd as Monday is a bank holiday then back to our regular Wed and Friday slots. Click here to book your trial week

We have a new person join us yesterday and she was very nervous but afterwards said how much she enjoyed it and thanked us for making her feel so welcome so don’t put it off if you are worried – just do it like Nike tell us to!

Here is a photo of a few of our lovely members of the month in 2016 who achieved different things and all of who are still regular members and continue to achieve results. Even just yesterday one of the girls who had trouble reaching her foot to do a thigh stretch managed it and she was delighted – these small things are actually big things in terms of progress and results.


So as we say goodbye to 2016 I’d just like to thank everyone for their support of Zest Bootcamp whether as members or just helping share the health and fitness message.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy 2017

Zita x

ps To help people get their healthy eating back on track again I am giving away a free copy of my 7 day kickstart plan so if you’d like to get your copy click here 


Health is wealth

Health is wealth….or as I prefer to say – healthy is happy 🙂

I recently asked a few of our Zest Bootcamp members why they joined our classes and here is the video where they also share what they have achieved so far…

It’s often not until people lose their health that they think about what they do to their bodies whether it is the food and drink they put it, lack of sleep, stress, toxins put onto their skin, lack of any regular exercise or movement or anything else.

That’s why I love to see people coming to bootcamp, having 1-1 training, joining the shape up programme or even just enjoying my regular health & fitness column in the Bath Weekend Magazine. If I can inspire people to eat better, move more or anything else that can improve their health & happiness then that makes me happy.

No matter how wealthy you are, your health & fitness is one job you can’t really delegate – you have to take control and do it yourself – yes I know Madonna has chefs, personal trainers etc but no-one does the workouts for her right?

The ladies in the video decided one day to get out of their comfort zones as they wanted results – they came for a trial week at bootcamp and have never looked back.

So if you know about Zest Bootcamp and want to feel better then we’d love to have you join our next trial week on Mon 24th October. You can sign up anytime before then and as a bonus you will get my weekly hints, tips and stories. Click here to book your place now … no more excuses as it’s less than 100 days until the end of the year so don’t wait until January, you can make a real difference now.

For anyone who doesn’t like the idea of training in a group then 1-1 training might be better for you – just like Veronica whose story you can read below




Use it or lose it

There is no escaping the fact that as we get older some things don’t get better – luckily some things do like knowledge, experience, confidence and lots more.

Muscles don’t generally get better unless we do something about it so that is why resistance training is so important as we get older.

Using bodyweight or equipment to create a challenge to the muscles not only gets us stronger (super handy for everyday life) but also boosts our metabolism as muscle uses more calories that fat mass does. So one of the benefits of doing resistance training is that you can eat more – result!

The basic pattern is ….

Stress the body (exercise) – let it rest & recover (includes good nutrition) – it gets stronger then we stress it again and the cycle repeats.

I am passionate about working with women over 40 to get them fitter, stronger and healthier and I am especially keen on getting over 50 year old ladies doing exercise such as boxing. It is such a great way to get fitter, burn fat and it’s great fun too. Learning Boxercise style boxing is one thing that many of our Zest Bootcamp members never expected they would enjoy as much as they do (check out some videos and photos on our Facebook page HERE).

Fitness Boxing

Our latest member is 68 years old and had never boxed before but in just a few classes, with good coaching and guidance she has progressed and it’s a perfect way to improve her cardio fitness as she can’t really run around like some of our younger members can.

Many of the other members  of Zest Bootcamp have reported that their joints feel much better since coming to class, many were actually worried that they would get worse so it just shows you are never too old to start an exercise programme and at Zest we are more like group personal training as we can tailor the sessions to accommodate different abilities.

That’s why we offer a trial week so you can experience it first hand and find out more about Bath’s original bootcamp that I started in 2009.

The weather was a challenge yesterday but the girls dug deep and worked extra hard – they needed a bit of extra motivation and coaching but we managed to get a record number of 87 mountain climbers in 40 seconds from one lady which was super tough and on another exercise using dumbbells one of the crew set a high standard for the others to try and match, if not beat (which ofcourse they all did once they pushed hard).

Zest Bootcamp in Bath
Zest Bootcamp in Bath

We all need a bit of guidance and support to help us make the most of things whether it is in business, a hobby or health and fitness. I’ve recently been struggling with some lower body injuries so am limited to the training I can do for myself so asked a trainer friend to do some boxing with me (as it’s very hard to do it on your own without a punch bag plus it’s more fun with someone else).

What will you do today to keep those muscles strong, the heart healthy, your joints mobile and your mind clear of any “clouds”?

Have a great day

Zita x

ps One of my over 50 1-1 personal training clients (who is a very glamorous grandma) says how exercise lifts the cloud over her head (she loves the boxing) so whether you prefer to work in a group with others or on your own for personal training give me a call or sign up for a trial week at bootcamp and let me help you punch it out ready for summer.

Best Fitness Business in Bath

Last month we were delighted to win the best fitness business category of the first ever Bath Independent Business Awards!

Bath Independent awards winner
Zest Bootcamp wins best fitness business in Bath

It wasn’t until we won that I realised how much it meant to me – every time I got a congratulatory text or email I’d burst into tears again!

When I decided to set up Bath Bootcamp (as we were originally) back in 2009, I really had no idea whether it would work but I thought it was worth a shot. Despite several ups and downs over the last 7 years, and changes that included a small rebrand from Bath to Zest Bootcamp we have gone from strength to strength and continue to help more people discover the benefits of group exercise and become happier and healthier. That is what motivates me to get out of bed crazy early every morning and that it why I was so pleased to win the award.

18 years ago I was suddenly made redundant from a small marketing agency that I had only just joined, I lost my company car and I still had a mortgage to pay so the obvious thing was to head off to South America travelling for 4 months which is what I did!

On my return from what was truly a remarkable trip, I heard an advert  on the radio about becoming a personal trainer…. it was at that moment my life changed and the rest is history.

It hasn’t been an easy path, as a former fatty and non-exerciser, but well worth it as my passion to help other people feel better underlies everything I do in my personal training, bootcamp and other things I do, such as my cookbooks

I feel very lucky to do what I do everyday and I have recently become the weekly fitness columnist for the Bath Weekend Magazine that comes with the Bath Chronicle – something I would never have dreamed of when I was an overweight, asthmatic, non-exercising, cake loving business executive. Age 28 I was unhealthy and out of shape – aged nearly 45 I am in the best shape of my life so it just shows it’s never too late to make changes to your life whether it is you health, fitness, work, relationships – anything.

So finally a HUGE thank you to everyone who has had an input with Zest Bootcamp in whatever way over the last 7 years and here’s to many more years getting the people of Bath in tip top shape!

ps If you haven’t yet joined us for a taster week at bootcamp then what are you waiting for? Join the fitness fun here