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Birth of Bath Bootcamp

Time flies when you are having fitness fun!

It’s 9 years this month since I started putting everything in place to begin Bath’s original outdoor bootcamp back in January 2009.

When I look back at the very basic video I made of me on a freezing cold windy day in a park it makes me smile 🙂

Plank rotations … vintage style 🙂

Back then my mobile phone just made phone calls and texts – now I pretty much run my business from my phone.

Technology and life moves on which is why I changed the name to Zest Bootcamp several years ago when we were also running classes in other villages outside of Bath.

For a variety of reasons I kept the Zest Bootcamp brand even though we are now just based in Bath and today I’m excited to share our brand new video which not only shows you what we do at our friendly, fresh-air fitness classes but also showcases beautiful Bath from the sky.

Despite several changes over the years at Zest Bootcamp, one thing that hasn’t changed is my passion to help more people to feel great through regular exercise, healthy eating and other lifestyle changes.

I’m pretty sure most of you know that I was an overweight, asthmatic, unhealthy, non-exerciser who changed career 19 years ago to become a health and fitness coach.

With this in mind I’d love to offer you the chance to come to a trial week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at our 45 minute classes – either 6.30am, 9.30am or 6.15pm for just £10. This is exactly what most of our lovely “zesties” did and they loved it so much they stayed (some for 7 years so far!).

Fitness Boxing at Zest Bootcamp

After your trial week you are free to go if you don’t think it’s for you but if you can see that it is a way for you to incorporate regular exercise into your life then I’d love to offer you a special anniversary gift.

Join our December and January bootcamp for just £179* in total plus get a complimentary Zest Bootcamp water bottle and mini rucksack package worth £16. This offers you a huge saving but more importantly it offers you peace of mind knowing that after the Christmas and New Year festivities are over you have a plan in place and you can’t make excuses! …. excuses don’t get results.

There are only a few  special offer spaces in each of our classes so I’d sign up for a trial week asap if you don’t want to miss out – complete your name and email at www.zestbootcamp.co.uk

Once you are registered drop me a message with the word “9thoffer” so I know to give you this special gift as it’s open first for my email followers and blog readers and spaces will fill up fast.

Have a great weekend and if you missed any of our pumpkin fun at bootcamp check out my Instagram page here which also has some food and healthy eating ideas. Click here 

Zita x

ps Keep up to date with Zest Bootcamp on our Facebook page here

OFFER available only to new members after the trial week that starts on Nov 20th. *£179 plus £10 for trial week. If you’d like to find out more about this offer then feel free to email me at fitnesszita@gmail.com

December Bootcamp runs Nov 20th to Dec 15th

January Bootcamp runs Jan 8th to Feb 2nd

Healthy Business of 2015

What a great few months it has been for Zest Bootcamp … last week we won another award – the “Healthy Business of the year” at the Maximise event run by the Women’s Business Club.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 09.39.43

We had been nominated last month and some of our lovely members left reviews on the website here which all helped towards our win, such as this one below

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 17.25.01

You can read what other members of Zest Bootcamp think about the classes here

The event was held in Cheltenham and I met some amazing women from a real array of businesses from all over the country (even some great ladies from Portugal and Brazil).

Had a giggle as a lady from Miami noticed that I’d brought a bag of almonds and protein bar to have at lunchtime as didn’t want the sandwiches or cake that was on offer – she had the same!
A tupperware of salad wouldn’t fit into my handbag 🙂

It was the first time I wore my very bright pink dress (and I did hesitate and wonder if it was too much) but I’m really glad I did, not only because it matched the flowers and winning envelope but also because it was infact the way I started a lot of interesting conversations. When women said what a lovely dress it was, I told them that it was the total opposite of what I spend most of my day in, e.g. muddy trainers and a hoody.

Many of you will know that my background was working in an office, and being known as the “cake monster” – there wasn’t any health or fitness going on with me back then at all. So although when people meet me at networking events they probably expect me to turn up in fitness gear, I’m a regular women who wants to wear nice clothes and feel good in them. Being healthy and fit allows that to happen, so when I walked on stage wearing my bright pink dress I felt good and poles apart from the person who was 3 clothes sizes bigger, lethargic and unwell before I discovered my real passion. Over the last 17 years I have helped share this passion with more people and winning this award allows more people to realise you can get healthier, fitter and happier no matter what your age.


ps I was delighted that one of the prizes was a goody bag from Wholefoods – full of super healthy goodies – it was like Christmas come early!
So ladies – if you want to feel better and start wearing clothes that you feel fabulous in then what is stopping you? Join our group exercise classes, have some 1-1 personal training or join my online programme starting in January.
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