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Love your freezer

I’ve so busy with lots of new Zest Bootcamp members (aka “zesties”) over the last few months, as well as planning some exciting things for 2018 including my first retreat, I just realised that I hadn’t blogged here for ages!

If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook then I’m sure you will have seen what we have been up to in Bath 🙂

The Zest Water bottle has travelled far and wide, including a trip to the Grand Canyon  which you can see by clicking  HERE

And not quite as impressive but equally beautiful it went up Glastonbury Tor 🙂

This week one of our lovely members turned 70 so as she is officially our most senior Zestie  she deserved some beautiful flowers.

Angelika is a great role model of how important it is to look after your own health and fitness because no-one is going to do it for you. Also she has such a positive mental attitude that is very admirable and lesson to us all.

So yesterday I was in conversation with a Zest Bootcamp member about her struggles to eat healthily and I recorded this video to share my suggestion to her that hopefully will also help you.

I hope that helps and if you need another reason to start a regular exercise programme then click here to read an article about how it is the ultimate way to not only beat disease but also depression. This is quite relevant given that it was International Mental Health Awareness day this week.

Sleep is a vital part of helping depression and anxiety so incase you missed my blog post please click here for my top tips on how to get better sleep and why it is so vital for different aspects of our health. SLEEP BLOG POST

Have a great day and if you’d like to join us a Zest Bootcamp for a trial week the next one starts October 23rd. Register your interest by completing your name and email here or drop me a message if you have any questions.

I’m hoping that now you have seen Angelika at 70, you won’t think you are too old!

Finally, if you haven’t yet downloaded your f.ree copy of my 10 minute CORE WORKOUT then click here to grab a copy – it really will tone and tighten that midriff!

Until next time

Zita x

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Looking for Love

Many of the women I work with have lost confidence when it comes to their bodies and if they are single it can be pretty hard to feel positive about going out dating again.  Luckily there is someone who can help and so I was delighted when dating coach, Ane Auret, asked me to do an interview about how women can improve their body confidence.

Body Confidence

You can listen to my top tips and also some of my background story (eating chocolate for breakfast was never going to make me feel good was it!) via the link below.

Proven Strategies for Body Confidence

We only have one life and so why not feel the best you can possibly feel by giving your body the right foods and getting it moving so that you feel full of energy and more positive about the challenges life throws at you. I am passionate about helping women, especially those over 40, to look and feel the best they can be.

Just like me, Ane is passionate about helping women with relationships so when you put us both together you have a wealth of resources.

Click here to listen to the podcast now and feel free to share it with any women you think might benefit.

Thank you

Zita x

ps Our next trial week at Zest Bootcamp starts Monday 23rd May and some classes are almost fully booked so if you are a women in Bath who would like to feel better don’t wait – just do it. This was part of an email I received this morning …..

“Thank you so much, my friends and family can’t believe I’m exercising as I only ever do long walks but I’m genuinely really enjoying it and after only 3 weeks can feel the benefits.”


Use it or lose it

There is no escaping the fact that as we get older some things don’t get better – luckily some things do like knowledge, experience, confidence and lots more.

Muscles don’t generally get better unless we do something about it so that is why resistance training is so important as we get older.

Using bodyweight or equipment to create a challenge to the muscles not only gets us stronger (super handy for everyday life) but also boosts our metabolism as muscle uses more calories that fat mass does. So one of the benefits of doing resistance training is that you can eat more – result!

The basic pattern is ….

Stress the body (exercise) – let it rest & recover (includes good nutrition) – it gets stronger then we stress it again and the cycle repeats.

I am passionate about working with women over 40 to get them fitter, stronger and healthier and I am especially keen on getting over 50 year old ladies doing exercise such as boxing. It is such a great way to get fitter, burn fat and it’s great fun too. Learning Boxercise style boxing is one thing that many of our Zest Bootcamp members never expected they would enjoy as much as they do (check out some videos and photos on our Facebook page HERE).

Fitness Boxing

Our latest member is 68 years old and had never boxed before but in just a few classes, with good coaching and guidance she has progressed and it’s a perfect way to improve her cardio fitness as she can’t really run around like some of our younger members can.

Many of the other members  of Zest Bootcamp have reported that their joints feel much better since coming to class, many were actually worried that they would get worse so it just shows you are never too old to start an exercise programme and at Zest we are more like group personal training as we can tailor the sessions to accommodate different abilities.

That’s why we offer a trial week so you can experience it first hand and find out more about Bath’s original bootcamp that I started in 2009.

The weather was a challenge yesterday but the girls dug deep and worked extra hard – they needed a bit of extra motivation and coaching but we managed to get a record number of 87 mountain climbers in 40 seconds from one lady which was super tough and on another exercise using dumbbells one of the crew set a high standard for the others to try and match, if not beat (which ofcourse they all did once they pushed hard).

Zest Bootcamp in Bath
Zest Bootcamp in Bath

We all need a bit of guidance and support to help us make the most of things whether it is in business, a hobby or health and fitness. I’ve recently been struggling with some lower body injuries so am limited to the training I can do for myself so asked a trainer friend to do some boxing with me (as it’s very hard to do it on your own without a punch bag plus it’s more fun with someone else).

What will you do today to keep those muscles strong, the heart healthy, your joints mobile and your mind clear of any “clouds”?

Have a great day

Zita x

ps One of my over 50 1-1 personal training clients (who is a very glamorous grandma) says how exercise lifts the cloud over her head (she loves the boxing) so whether you prefer to work in a group with others or on your own for personal training give me a call or sign up for a trial week at bootcamp and let me help you punch it out ready for summer.

Healthy habits

a) Do you remember driving to the supermarket?

b) Did you brush your teeth today?

The answer to A is likely no and B is likely yes.

You probably remember learning to drive took all the concentration you had, having to do something with your legs and arms whilst trying not to run over any old ladies or children!

But now we just do it without thinking because our brains and bodies know what to do, the subconscious part of our brain works to make it happen, similar as breathing and pumping the blood around our body. We don’t have to consciously think of these things to make them happen.

That is what happens with something new becomes a habit.

We weren’t born reaching for a glass of wine or chocolate after a stressful day, they became habits.


Many habits serve us well, like brushing our teeth each morning but many don’t and we can change them.

The key is understanding how they work.

Imagine you go for a walk in the countryside and you see a field with what looks like a pathway through it where people have walked before. You are likely to take that path, as are most people. What happens is the pathway eventually gets more pronounced until the grass disappears and it is well worn in so no one misses it.

One day the farmer decides he wants to grow the grass back and lead people along a different route so he fences off the original path so people have to use the new one. Eventually the grass grows back and a new pathway is created.

This is pretty much how the neural pathways in our brain work which shows how you can break a habit and create a new one, it just takes time and effort for at least 21 days. Each time you go back to the old habit (or pathway) you actually have to start again, a pain I know but it’s just the way it is!

Sometimes the key is to find something that releases the same brain chemicals as the thing you normally have. Having an apple instead of huge piece of chocolate cake might not do it for you!

Also just changing one habit at a time can often work better than doing a whole bunch of new things and giving up as you just can’t do them all.

That’s why one of the first things I ask people to do is to add more water into their diet before they start taking things away.

One of my bad habits is sometimes being late – I always think I have time to do just one more thing before I have to go somewhere but often I don’t so end up running late. In order to correct this I have to think about 10 minutes before I normally would to head to stop what I am doing and get going. I really have to think about it as it doesn’t come naturally at the moment, but if I can do it consistently every day for at least 3 weeks it should start to be a subconscious action so that it becomes a habit and before I know it I am never late!

But if I am late one day because I don’t think about stopping 5 – 10 minutes before I normally would, I will need to start again and treat it like day 1.

Energy goes where focus goes so if I’ve not achieved it then I have not been focusing on it, which truth is I haven’t as much as I’d like to. Infact writing this makes me realise that I should put up some sticky notes to remind me (as I am a visual person), or a reminder on my phone.

So – what will you do to break a bad habit and start a healthier one?

Got to fly now and get ready for the 9.30 bootcamp crew, the early morning crew worked hard today – most of them have been coming for many months or years so turning up at 6.30am every Mon, Wed and Fri is a habit and when we don’t run classes for 2 weeks Dec and Aug they really miss it …. that only happens when a habit has become subconscious.

A big part of my online Shape up Plan is about creating healthy habits and if you’d like read a very honest review of how one of our participants has been getting over during her first 3 weeks you can click here 

have a great weekend everyone – I’m hoping to use some of my birthday present …. restaurant vouchers. Clearly my family know I love to eat!!

Zita “food & fitness” Alves

ps It made me smile when we were warming up at bootcamp and nearly everyone noticed I had some new trainers – even at 6.30am Zest Bootcampers are on the ball! If you are Instagram and want to see my trainers go to https://www.instagram.com/fitnesszita/