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Never too late to start a fitness programme

So we did our Special charity bootcamp class yesterday in Bath and raised over £100 for Cancer Research which is great. It was a beautiful crisp morning with a lovely sunrise that seemed to turn into fog later in the day so we were very lucky.


I put together a challenging (but not super tough) bodyweight workout as I knew that after a few weeks off people would find it harder than normal, plus we had a new person join the class.  Most people found it a 9/10 in terms of how hard it was so I guess they may be aching a bit today. The great thing is that they got a little kickstart before we start back at bootcamp properly next week.


It seems most people have had enough of the eating and drinking and not knowing what day of the week it is, and are ready to get back into the routine again.

Zest Bootcamp will be 8 years old in January and I’m proud to say that we have helped hundreds of people over those years to feel healthier and fitter and I’m excited to help even more people in 2017. All ages and abilities are welcome and at one of our classes the average age is 54 so if you are over 50 please don’t be put off thinking that bootcamp is only for the under 40’s, infact my passion is to help more women over 40, and especially 50, feel better by getting into regular exercise and eating well.

Only yesterday I had a call from an ex 1-1 personal training client ( in her 50s) who had tried to carry on her own fitness at the gym for the last 5 years but has noticed she isn’t doing as much as she should and age is catching up with her so I’m going to start working with her again to help her feel great.

So if you have never been to one of our classes and would like to come for a trial then why not book a place at one of our 45 minute classes that run at either 6.30am, 9.30am or 6.15pm in Bath. We are starting on Tuesday 3rd as Monday is a bank holiday then back to our regular Wed and Friday slots. Click here to book your trial week

We have a new person join us yesterday and she was very nervous but afterwards said how much she enjoyed it and thanked us for making her feel so welcome so don’t put it off if you are worried – just do it like Nike tell us to!

Here is a photo of a few of our lovely members of the month in 2016 who achieved different things and all of who are still regular members and continue to achieve results. Even just yesterday one of the girls who had trouble reaching her foot to do a thigh stretch managed it and she was delighted – these small things are actually big things in terms of progress and results.


So as we say goodbye to 2016 I’d just like to thank everyone for their support of Zest Bootcamp whether as members or just helping share the health and fitness message.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy 2017

Zita x

ps To help people get their healthy eating back on track again I am giving away a free copy of my 7 day kickstart plan so if you’d like to get your copy click here 


Core workout

It might be that your jeans are already feeling a bit tighter after the Christmas festivities or it might be that you know that getting six pack abs for summer starts now.

core workout
Core Exercise Workout Booklet

Even if you don’t want a six-pack we should still be thinking about working our core muscles to keep us strong and to avoid back pain, as well as making us look better in our clothes or on the beach.

I’ve chosen a few of my favourite core exercises and put them into a short workout with images and teaching points so you know what to do. You don’t need any equipment as they are bodyweight exercises, and there are variations for different abilities so why not give it a go.

Just fill in your name and email in the box below and I will send it right over to you* and please remember that no matter how many times a week you do these core exercises you won’t get a six-pack if you eat chocolate, pizza and biscuits every day!

ps If you are in Bath and would like to join us at our bootcamp classes and do these core exercises as part of the varied workouts we do at Zest Bootcamp then why not sign up for the next trial week that starts on January 4th. Click here to get booked onto the taster week – 3 sessions for just £10.

*check your junk mail if you have not received the workout within 30 minutes as there may be an email that needs you to confirm we can send it to you 🙂

Eat, drink & be merry

It’s not long until Christmas day which means the parties are into full swing and the drinks are flowing.

Time to let your hair down and relax so enjoy it now but make sure you have a plan in place for the morning after.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 07.02.33My top tips of how to feel good this season, and still indulge, include the following.

  1. Keep drinking plenty of water – don’t forget just because you are drinking more “fun” drinks. Minimum 2 litres a day – get a big bottle and make sure most of it has gone by mid afternoon. Starting the day with some fresh lemon in your water will also help your liver and give you an extra spring in your step.
  2. Start the day with a protein rich breakfast such as an omelette and add in some greens such as spinach. This will help curb your desire for more sweet things during the rest of the day.
  3. Be sure to have something green every day e.g. a green breakfast smoothie, some salad at lunch, broccoli crudités. Our liver needs some alkalising greenery more than ever and a quick way to boost your intake is to use a good quality greens powder such as Lean Greens. (It’s great for hangovers too, have a scoop before you hit bed after a night out)
  4. Move your body – even if it is just going for a walk, but just get moving. You could try my 15 minute bodyweight workout that you can get by clicking here. It’s free and has a video as well as PDF so you will know exactly what you are doing.
  5. Have a plan for after the fun – you know that after the holidays your clothes might be a bit tighter and your energy levels are likely to be a bit low so what will you do to start the year the right way?. If you are in Bath then join us for a trial week at Zest Bootcamp of if you can’t make class I have a new plan that you can do from anywhere.

So enjoy the next few weeks knowing that come January you will be ready to get back your vavavoom (if it’s gone).

Merry Christmas!

Zita x

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