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No need to diet this January just do this

I’m writing this while the Zest Bootcamp van is getting an MOT – let’s hope it passes otherwise the Zesties are going to have to do their press ups and squats without me!

It’s likely that this time of year is one of the only times many people think about how they look after their bodies, and whether they’d like to do it better in the future.

Funny though how we don’t neglect looking after our cars …

  • we wash them
  • we give them the right fuel
  • we service them regularly to make sure they keep working properly
  • we insure them so that we can replace them should something go wrong

Oh how I’d love to see more people do exactly these things with their bodies – the only place we have to live is our body so why wouldn’t we look after it properly?

So now is  good time to think about what you’d like to achieve this coming year by looking at what worked well for you in 2017.

Here are some ideas of things that might work that you may not have tried or you may not have stuck to previously so it’s always good to have a reminder:
1. Tracking your food whether via an app or pen and paper
2. Keeping an exercise log – which can help you check the frequency, intensity and time you exercise for
3. Have an accountability buddy to go out running/ walking with or to go to the gym with
4. Being part of a supportive group, such as Zest Bootcamp (next trial week starts Jan 8th)
5. Bulk cooking healthy food at the weekend when you have more time – if you’d like any food ideas then check out my Instagram page here
6. Getting a vegetable box delivery set up, such as Riverford, to help you #eatmoreveg
7. Getting your workouts done in the morning so you can’t make any excuses later in the day
8. Going to see a physiotherapist/osteopath/chiropractor to help you sort out any painful knees, back etc so you can function better and do more exercise
9. Buying a nice water bottle to encourage you to drink more water
10. Deciding that it’s ok for you to spend time looking after yourself and prioritising your health more than everything else you prioritise
And if you do all of the above that you need to why not treat yourself to some new workout kit such as what I’m wearing in the star Jump photo which is from Boudavida. It’s really nice good quality kit and they have a sale on at the moment – check it out here.
So you see January isn’t about dieting, it’s about more than that.
I’d love to know which ones you are going to try or that have worked for you in the past?
My passion is to help more people feel great so if you leave me a comment it helps me know if I am achieving that, and of course feel free to share this blog post with anyone you think might interested.
If you’d like to join the other zesties next week for a trial week at Zest Bootcamp it’s the best way to see if our 45 minute friendly, fresh-air, fitness classes would suit you. During the taster week, that only runs once a month, for just £10 you get to come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at your choice of time – either 6.30am, 9.30am or 6.15pm. Click here to find out more and sign up ready for next week… spaces are limited so don’t hang around otherwise you will have to wait until February.
Finally – why not let 2018 be the year you follow your heart more as it normally tells us what we should be doing to be happy 🙂
Remember … a summer body is made in the winter so if you are starting to think of your summer holiday then now is also the time to be thinking of your health and fitness and not waiting until the warmer weather arrives. Wrap up warm and get that body moving now as you will FEEL so much better for it, rather than loafing around on the sofa whilst your clothes get tighter due to lack of movement. No more excuses – book your trial week at bootcamp today here

Use it or lose it

There is no escaping the fact that as we get older some things don’t get better – luckily some things do like knowledge, experience, confidence and lots more.

Muscles don’t generally get better unless we do something about it so that is why resistance training is so important as we get older.

Using bodyweight or equipment to create a challenge to the muscles not only gets us stronger (super handy for everyday life) but also boosts our metabolism as muscle uses more calories that fat mass does. So one of the benefits of doing resistance training is that you can eat more – result!

The basic pattern is ….

Stress the body (exercise) – let it rest & recover (includes good nutrition) – it gets stronger then we stress it again and the cycle repeats.

I am passionate about working with women over 40 to get them fitter, stronger and healthier and I am especially keen on getting over 50 year old ladies doing exercise such as boxing. It is such a great way to get fitter, burn fat and it’s great fun too. Learning Boxercise style boxing is one thing that many of our Zest Bootcamp members never expected they would enjoy as much as they do (check out some videos and photos on our Facebook page HERE).

Fitness Boxing

Our latest member is 68 years old and had never boxed before but in just a few classes, with good coaching and guidance she has progressed and it’s a perfect way to improve her cardio fitness as she can’t really run around like some of our younger members can.

Many of the other members  of Zest Bootcamp have reported that their joints feel much better since coming to class, many were actually worried that they would get worse so it just shows you are never too old to start an exercise programme and at Zest we are more like group personal training as we can tailor the sessions to accommodate different abilities.

That’s why we offer a trial week so you can experience it first hand and find out more about Bath’s original bootcamp that I started in 2009.

The weather was a challenge yesterday but the girls dug deep and worked extra hard – they needed a bit of extra motivation and coaching but we managed to get a record number of 87 mountain climbers in 40 seconds from one lady which was super tough and on another exercise using dumbbells one of the crew set a high standard for the others to try and match, if not beat (which ofcourse they all did once they pushed hard).

Zest Bootcamp in Bath
Zest Bootcamp in Bath

We all need a bit of guidance and support to help us make the most of things whether it is in business, a hobby or health and fitness. I’ve recently been struggling with some lower body injuries so am limited to the training I can do for myself so asked a trainer friend to do some boxing with me (as it’s very hard to do it on your own without a punch bag plus it’s more fun with someone else).

What will you do today to keep those muscles strong, the heart healthy, your joints mobile and your mind clear of any “clouds”?

Have a great day

Zita x

ps One of my over 50 1-1 personal training clients (who is a very glamorous grandma) says how exercise lifts the cloud over her head (she loves the boxing) so whether you prefer to work in a group with others or on your own for personal training give me a call or sign up for a trial week at bootcamp and let me help you punch it out ready for summer.

Healthy Business of 2015

What a great few months it has been for Zest Bootcamp … last week we won another award – the “Healthy Business of the year” at the Maximise event run by the Women’s Business Club.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 09.39.43

We had been nominated last month and some of our lovely members left reviews on the website here which all helped towards our win, such as this one below

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 17.25.01

You can read what other members of Zest Bootcamp think about the classes here

The event was held in Cheltenham and I met some amazing women from a real array of businesses from all over the country (even some great ladies from Portugal and Brazil).

Had a giggle as a lady from Miami noticed that I’d brought a bag of almonds and protein bar to have at lunchtime as didn’t want the sandwiches or cake that was on offer – she had the same!
A tupperware of salad wouldn’t fit into my handbag 🙂

It was the first time I wore my very bright pink dress (and I did hesitate and wonder if it was too much) but I’m really glad I did, not only because it matched the flowers and winning envelope but also because it was infact the way I started a lot of interesting conversations. When women said what a lovely dress it was, I told them that it was the total opposite of what I spend most of my day in, e.g. muddy trainers and a hoody.

Many of you will know that my background was working in an office, and being known as the “cake monster” – there wasn’t any health or fitness going on with me back then at all. So although when people meet me at networking events they probably expect me to turn up in fitness gear, I’m a regular women who wants to wear nice clothes and feel good in them. Being healthy and fit allows that to happen, so when I walked on stage wearing my bright pink dress I felt good and poles apart from the person who was 3 clothes sizes bigger, lethargic and unwell before I discovered my real passion. Over the last 17 years I have helped share this passion with more people and winning this award allows more people to realise you can get healthier, fitter and happier no matter what your age.


ps I was delighted that one of the prizes was a goody bag from Wholefoods – full of super healthy goodies – it was like Christmas come early!
So ladies – if you want to feel better and start wearing clothes that you feel fabulous in then what is stopping you? Join our group exercise classes, have some 1-1 personal training or join my online programme starting in January.
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