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Birth of Bath Bootcamp

Time flies when you are having fitness fun!

It’s 9 years this month since I started putting everything in place to begin Bath’s original outdoor bootcamp back in January 2009.

When I look back at the very basic video I made of me on a freezing cold windy day in a park it makes me smile 🙂

Plank rotations … vintage style 🙂

Back then my mobile phone just made phone calls and texts – now I pretty much run my business from my phone.

Technology and life moves on which is why I changed the name to Zest Bootcamp several years ago when we were also running classes in other villages outside of Bath.

For a variety of reasons I kept the Zest Bootcamp brand even though we are now just based in Bath and today I’m excited to share our brand new video which not only shows you what we do at our friendly, fresh-air fitness classes but also showcases beautiful Bath from the sky.

Despite several changes over the years at Zest Bootcamp, one thing that hasn’t changed is my passion to help more people to feel great through regular exercise, healthy eating and other lifestyle changes.

I’m pretty sure most of you know that I was an overweight, asthmatic, unhealthy, non-exerciser who changed career 19 years ago to become a health and fitness coach.

With this in mind I’d love to offer you the chance to come to a trial week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at our 45 minute classes – either 6.30am, 9.30am or 6.15pm for just £10. This is exactly what most of our lovely “zesties” did and they loved it so much they stayed (some for 7 years so far!).

Fitness Boxing at Zest Bootcamp

After your trial week you are free to go if you don’t think it’s for you but if you can see that it is a way for you to incorporate regular exercise into your life then I’d love to offer you a special anniversary gift.

Join our December and January bootcamp for just £179* in total plus get a complimentary Zest Bootcamp water bottle and mini rucksack package worth £16. This offers you a huge saving but more importantly it offers you peace of mind knowing that after the Christmas and New Year festivities are over you have a plan in place and you can’t make excuses! …. excuses don’t get results.

There are only a few  special offer spaces in each of our classes so I’d sign up for a trial week asap if you don’t want to miss out – complete your name and email at

Once you are registered drop me a message with the word “9thoffer” so I know to give you this special gift as it’s open first for my email followers and blog readers and spaces will fill up fast.

Have a great weekend and if you missed any of our pumpkin fun at bootcamp check out my Instagram page here which also has some food and healthy eating ideas. Click here 

Zita x

ps Keep up to date with Zest Bootcamp on our Facebook page here

OFFER available only to new members after the trial week that starts on Nov 20th. *£179 plus £10 for trial week. If you’d like to find out more about this offer then feel free to email me at

December Bootcamp runs Nov 20th to Dec 15th

January Bootcamp runs Jan 8th to Feb 2nd

National Detox Month

After all the excess in December, January is the perfect time for National Detox Month and a great start for your New-Year resolutions.

We are all guilty of over-indulging during the party season, it’s a chance to let your hair down and spend time with family and socialising with friends. The only problem is – eating rich foods and drinking more alcohol than you are used to can take its toll on your energy levels as well as your waistline.

Have you got your FREE copy of my 7 day kickstart yet?

Click here to get your free copy of the clean eating plan that is easy to follow and will kickstart your into better habits now the festive season is over. Here is one of the recipes….


Rather than always thinking about what we have to cut out of our diet, I recommend these Top five foods and drinks we should add into our diet this month.

  1. Water should always be at the top of the list to aid digestion
  2. Healthy natural fats like avocado and olive oil
  3. Green Tea which helps boost your liver function & fat burning potential
  4. Lemon – add some to a glass of water to get your day started
  5. Beetroot is full of vitamins B3, B6, C and beta-carotene

One of the first things I tell my 1-1 clients or Zest Bootcamp members to do to improve their health (and performance) is to focus on taking in more water.  As simple as it is we often neglect to rehydrate our bodies – try and continue this into February then March etc. It takes 30 days to form a new habit and this is a great one to add to your toolbox to fight weight gain.

For any of you who would like a  structured programme that tells you exactly what to buy in the shops, what to prepare and how to cook it plus loads more, including the invaluable support of a private Facebook group, then check out my award winning TOTAL BODY SHAPE UP PLAN.

Here is a photo of me in November winning the award for ‘Best Product of the Year” at Maximise2016. The plan has helped numerous women (and some men) just like you who wanted to have an easy to follow “plug in and play” programme that gets results.


The feedback I have had on the programme has been great will most people carrying on the healthy habits long after the 8 week programme is over.

You have the choice this January to either carry on struggling through on your own or deciding to invest less than £1.40 a day in what matters most… your health.

You can read testimonials and access the programme by clicking here

Both the 7 day Kickstart plan and also my Total Body Shape Up Plan are nutrition and lifestyle based programmes that anyone, anywhere in the world can do as there is no exercise involved.

For anyone in Bath who would like to add in some exercise our next trial week at Zest Bootcamp starts on January 30th so why not grab your space. Click here to get that body moving and start 2017 off the best way possible.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 09.03.11


Health is wealth

Health is wealth….or as I prefer to say – healthy is happy 🙂

I recently asked a few of our Zest Bootcamp members why they joined our classes and here is the video where they also share what they have achieved so far…

It’s often not until people lose their health that they think about what they do to their bodies whether it is the food and drink they put it, lack of sleep, stress, toxins put onto their skin, lack of any regular exercise or movement or anything else.

That’s why I love to see people coming to bootcamp, having 1-1 training, joining the shape up programme or even just enjoying my regular health & fitness column in the Bath Weekend Magazine. If I can inspire people to eat better, move more or anything else that can improve their health & happiness then that makes me happy.

No matter how wealthy you are, your health & fitness is one job you can’t really delegate – you have to take control and do it yourself – yes I know Madonna has chefs, personal trainers etc but no-one does the workouts for her right?

The ladies in the video decided one day to get out of their comfort zones as they wanted results – they came for a trial week at bootcamp and have never looked back.

So if you know about Zest Bootcamp and want to feel better then we’d love to have you join our next trial week on Mon 24th October. You can sign up anytime before then and as a bonus you will get my weekly hints, tips and stories. Click here to book your place now … no more excuses as it’s less than 100 days until the end of the year so don’t wait until January, you can make a real difference now.

For anyone who doesn’t like the idea of training in a group then 1-1 training might be better for you – just like Veronica whose story you can read below




Role models

As it’s almost Father’s Day I thought I’d talk about role models this time.

I was touched by one of my 1-1 personal training clients recently telling me that his son was dreading the running athletics races at school as he thought he wouldn’t be any good. What I loved was to then hear how by spending some time with his son and “coaching” him the end result was that he won all of the running! My client is an extremely busy person with a huge amount of responsibility but that quality time he spent with his son really counted. Never underestimate the power you have as coaches, educators and role models to your children.

When children see you drinking water, eating all the vegetables on your plate and moving your body every day you are inspiring them to a healthier future.

My client is naturally being a great role model to his 2 children by having the healthy habits as part of his life and he is going to be 40 in a few years, yet he is the fittest and strongest he has ever been.

I was also touched to hear my husband thank me for being his inspiration. He was infact one of my first personal training clients many years ago and although I no longer “train” him he does appreciate the benefits of healthy living and will even make himself a green smoothie now  – result!

See how we can all help each other be the best versions of ourselves.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 09.21.16

A good coach is able to actually get someone to do what they know they need to do but they just aren’t doing it.

Decision without taking action = zero results.

Keeping it simple and just taking action is the ONLY way to get results and if you don’t know how to do something and need help, then find the right person to help you learn, e.g. a personal trainer. For some people it’s the people they surround themselves with that makes a difference so if you are a women who doesn’t want to be surrounded by men with huge muscles and lots of testosterone then a commercial gym may not be the best place for you to exercise.

That’s exactly why I set up Zest Bootcamp 7 years ago – to create a supportive environment for women just like you to enjoy exercise. Our next trial week starts on Monday 20th June so if you are fed up of not feeling your best and struggling to take action then I encourage you to press just complete your name and email on the website and the rest will magically happen (kind of).

If not now when?

Here are 2 exercises that fit in perfectly with my clients sons athletics and they are high knee sprints and seated sprints. Many people don’t realise the importance of the arms in sprinting so seated sprints is a great drill to improve them and also a great way to “sprint” if you have lower body injuries. Infact, many people who didn’t crawl much before they learnt to walk as toddlers have trouble with the movement pattern of the arms – opposite arm and leg moves together.


High Knee Sprints
Zita showing High Knee Sprints


Any kind of sprinting is fantastic for fat burning and the key with these is to not only use your glutes (squeeze you bum) but also to use your arms for power. Visualise Usain Bolt or any sprinter and think of the muscles in their arms – us your upper body but don’t just do some bicep curls use your whole shoulder joint and bring the opposite arm forward to the knee that is coming up. Sprint as hard as you can using your whole body and you will torch calories.

(If you have an injury and can’t do the sprints you can do a seated version by sitting as shown on the floor, chest up, tummy in and just use the arm and shoulder part of the movement, as fast as you can – it’s much harder than it looks)


Seated Sprints
Seated Sprints

Start with 20 secs work then rest for 20 secs rest and repeat or alternate with another exercise and do 8 or more sets if you can 🙂


Zita x

ps If you are still not convinced about whether our classes would be good for you have a look at some of the photos and videos on our Facebook page here 


Use it or lose it

There is no escaping the fact that as we get older some things don’t get better – luckily some things do like knowledge, experience, confidence and lots more.

Muscles don’t generally get better unless we do something about it so that is why resistance training is so important as we get older.

Using bodyweight or equipment to create a challenge to the muscles not only gets us stronger (super handy for everyday life) but also boosts our metabolism as muscle uses more calories that fat mass does. So one of the benefits of doing resistance training is that you can eat more – result!

The basic pattern is ….

Stress the body (exercise) – let it rest & recover (includes good nutrition) – it gets stronger then we stress it again and the cycle repeats.

I am passionate about working with women over 40 to get them fitter, stronger and healthier and I am especially keen on getting over 50 year old ladies doing exercise such as boxing. It is such a great way to get fitter, burn fat and it’s great fun too. Learning Boxercise style boxing is one thing that many of our Zest Bootcamp members never expected they would enjoy as much as they do (check out some videos and photos on our Facebook page HERE).

Fitness Boxing

Our latest member is 68 years old and had never boxed before but in just a few classes, with good coaching and guidance she has progressed and it’s a perfect way to improve her cardio fitness as she can’t really run around like some of our younger members can.

Many of the other members  of Zest Bootcamp have reported that their joints feel much better since coming to class, many were actually worried that they would get worse so it just shows you are never too old to start an exercise programme and at Zest we are more like group personal training as we can tailor the sessions to accommodate different abilities.

That’s why we offer a trial week so you can experience it first hand and find out more about Bath’s original bootcamp that I started in 2009.

The weather was a challenge yesterday but the girls dug deep and worked extra hard – they needed a bit of extra motivation and coaching but we managed to get a record number of 87 mountain climbers in 40 seconds from one lady which was super tough and on another exercise using dumbbells one of the crew set a high standard for the others to try and match, if not beat (which ofcourse they all did once they pushed hard).

Zest Bootcamp in Bath
Zest Bootcamp in Bath

We all need a bit of guidance and support to help us make the most of things whether it is in business, a hobby or health and fitness. I’ve recently been struggling with some lower body injuries so am limited to the training I can do for myself so asked a trainer friend to do some boxing with me (as it’s very hard to do it on your own without a punch bag plus it’s more fun with someone else).

What will you do today to keep those muscles strong, the heart healthy, your joints mobile and your mind clear of any “clouds”?

Have a great day

Zita x

ps One of my over 50 1-1 personal training clients (who is a very glamorous grandma) says how exercise lifts the cloud over her head (she loves the boxing) so whether you prefer to work in a group with others or on your own for personal training give me a call or sign up for a trial week at bootcamp and let me help you punch it out ready for summer.